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The ALL-IN-ONE Challenge you need to FINALLY de-bloat, lose weight and feel healthy inside out.





🌏 Join from anywhere in the world

🍎 Custom meal plan designed exclusively for you

🍛 Gut healing recipes

❤️ Start the challenge whenever you want

💻 You get lifetime access to the material

🏃🏻‍♀️ "COMPLIMENTARY" Hormone friendly Workout Plan 

How to find out if you need a GUT RESET

👉🏻 Are you constantly bloated?

👉🏻 Have you been struggling with your weight?

👉🏻 Are you constantly tired?

👉🏻 Struggling to sleep/ fighting insomnia?

👉🏻 Fighting moodiness/ irritability and experiencing brain fog?

👉🏻 Constantly craving sugar?

👉🏻 Dealing with skin issues (auto-immune diseases) ?

👉🏻 Dealing with IBS, stool issues?

If so, you have landed at the right place, I've got you!

What does the Challenge include?

✔️ A 14-Day Gut Healing Meal Plan

✔️ Dietician approved Gut friendly recipes

✔️ Weekly shopping list

✔️ 'Build a meal' Guide to help you design your own healthy meals

✔️ Self journaling and check-list sheet

✔️ Complimentary Hormone friendly Workout Plan


ⓧ No Fad Diet

ⓧ No Quick Fix

ⓧ No Restrictive Meals


  • Once the payment is done, you will get a payment confirmation E-mail with a link to our Special Detail Questionnaire with high importance questions within 4-5 working hours. Details list consist of every possible health and fitness parameter that you can imagine so as to build the right, practical and unique Plan for you.


  • At least 7 days are taken to deliver the program content to you as a complete custom plan is made for each individual with extreme care and detailed consideration.


  • For Email Support/ Chat Support it is advisable to ask all your queries cumulatively(i.e., in one go).​


  • Equal support & guidance is promised to every client so, it is a request to respect our time and be patient with us (as all your doubts & queries will be attended to).


  • We understand you still might have a lot of queries, feel free to drop your queries at

Terms & Conditions

  • Any medical condition or injury strictly to be shared before enrolling the plan.

  • Please read the program guidelines and how it works so that there is no confusion on this work.

  • The plans do not claim to help cure any condition or disease.

  • Consider consulting your doctor first if you are on heavy medication.

  • Please provide your CORRECT details so that an optimum plan is build for you.

  • Results depend on how SERIOUSLY you follow the plan.

  • It is advisable to take Pre-Plan pictures and measurements to compare and test the results for yourself, NO compulsion to share personal pictures with us.

  • To maintain human resource efficiency and provide high value, SUNDAYS are complete OFF.

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